Block’em App

Block’em App

Client: Block’em LLP
Concept: Call & SMS blocking app for Android phones
Platform: Android
Technology: Advanced background control of Phone, Text and Contacts lists.
Country: UK
Project Date: 2011 to 2014

We all have people we would rather not hear from. Sometimes these people make a real nuisance of themselves. Block’em is a free App that lets Android phone users block unwanted calls and text messages.

The Block’em app was commissioned by Block’em LLP in association with the NSPCC as part of an initiative to help stop cyber-bullying of kids and teenagers. According to research conducted by Block’em LLP, cyber bullying is now principally conducted through text messages and threatening voice messages using mobile phones.

Block’em is not just for teenagers. It can be used by anyone to block nuisance callers and annoying text messages from marketing companies.

When a call comes in from a new number which is not in the user’s Contacts list, after the call is finished, the Block’em app asks the user if they’d like to block or allow that number. If they don’t want to receive calls or texts from that number ever again, they can block it and it will be added to their Blocked Numbers list. If they choose to allow the number it will be added to their Allowed Numbers list.

The same applies to a text message received from a new number. When the text is received, the Block’em app asks if the user would like to block or allow that number.