Agency: BrandFuel
Client: Google
Concept: Companion app for a series of Google conferences
Device: Google Nexus 7 Android tablet
Technology: Real-time network sync for live audience participation
Countries: Italy, Spain, Netherlands
Project Date: October 2013

It’s increasingly common for conferences, exhibitions and live events to have supporting apps for attendees to use before during and after the event. With this project for Google, we went much further.

Brand Re:Imagined was the title for a series of high level Google conferences for brand owners in October 2013. The one-day conferences were held at venues in Milan, Madrid and Amsterdam with just two days between each event.

Approximately 350 delegates attended each conference. Each delegate was provided with a Google Nexus 7 tablet running a very special interactive companion app developed by Codelegs. The app was personalised to each delegate and, as well as offering a range of conference-related content, enabled the conference speakers to engage their audience in live participation activities.

Primary features of the app included:

  • Conference agendas and venue information
  • Speaker bios and supporting content
  • Bookmarking of speaker sessions for follow-up
  • Live tweeting and Google+ sharing
  • In-app note-taking
  • Live delegate polling with instant results capture
  • Post-conference information requests and enquiries

The Brand Re:Imagined companion app was a definite hit with the conference delegates and the speakers. For the speakers, the app let them enrich their talks by including live polling data captured directly and instantly from the delegates. For the delegates, most of whom had never been involved in a conference in quite this way, the app brought an additional level of excitement to an already amazing Google event.